Whispers By Soko Wiyanto

Soko Wiyanto
Email : soko_wiyanto@yahoo.com / Contact : 081293617909

Whispers By Soko Wiyanto

How does a designer evolve? Eventually, every designer has faced the dilemma of realizing that their signature look, so zeitgeisty for a few seasons, was fast fading in relevance and needed to be refreshed.

This time, Soko trying to whisper a slight change and delivering something new to the collection without killing his signature character. Reinterpret his style with freshness, elegance and modern spirit.

Choosing a dark colors to represent the dramatic side of his design, at the same time giving light elegance look, which is absolutely timeless.

A combination between techno-sport materials such as neoprene and evening silhouettes. creating a sculptural evening looks by draping them. imaginative concepts and expert technical execution, sculptural twists and folds.

Whispers is a collection of a great sense of craftsmanship that creates the threedimensional textures of beautiful sculptural silhouette dresses, rich in curves and spectacular volumes.