MONARCH by Diana Couture

MONARCH by Diana Couture

Diana Putri, the Creative Director & Fashion Designer from the Surabaya and Los Angeles-based Couture brand, Diana Couture releases her collaborative collection with Dulux entitled `Monarch`. Diana was named as Best Designer by Global Fashion Avenue Spring/Summer 2016 at Couture Fashion Week New York S/S 2016 through her debut collection ‘GARUDA’ in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Times Square on September 2015. She was the first designer in the last 10 years to be the first Asian & Indonesian woman to have won the award. Ever since, her brand has gained international success, allowing her to dress A-list Hollywood celebrities like Toni Braxton, Ashanti, Carmen Electra, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Hannah Jeter of Sports Illustrated, India Love, as well as the likes of Savannah Chrisley, NERVO, Nikki Bella, Lucero, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Maureen McCormick, MC Lyte, Ava Capra, and many more as the list goes on and on. `Garuda` also graced the runways of Art Basel Miami in late 2015. In October 2016, her sophomore collection `The Queen D` was named #1 out of the Top 3 collections in Art Hearts Fashion: LA Fashion Week at the iconic Beverly Hilton. Following the international success of both collections, she released a very personal and artisan collection based on my faith and love for God and nature, GENESIS. An anthological story of the 7 days of creation, involving modern Victorian and tribal pieces with artisanal qualities. On March 2017, archival Diana Couture pieces walked the runway of Fort Myer’s `Art Walks the Runway` fashion show in Florida. She hopes “Monarch” will gain as much or even more success than her previous collections.

Inspired by Dulux`s artisanal qualities, Diana chose 2 of the 4 ambiances, Velvet and Linen, since she wants to explore materials that are unique but in the same time very versatile. Diana chose velvet due to it’s shimmer in it’s surface quality and it’s soft draping. Velvet being a unique value with it`s shimmer, however, still very versatile due to it`s draping. On the other hand, linen, contrastingly, has very strong and durable qualities, yet the challenge is to deal with it`s low elasticity, causing it to crumple very easily. I love exploring different materials and elevating it’s qualities to the next level, whether it is through form, style, or imagery-related designs.

The materials wont just be presented as it is, as Dulux`s high quality paint is definitely open to interpretation artistically. As an example the velvet material undergoes laser cutting through a customized digital pattern, and then tailored on zac nett material to give it a volume as well as finishing it with an extra signature Diana Couture embroidery on sheer look. As for the linen material, as the material is usually very fragile to crumpling, it is stitched onto a layer of tulle to make it tougher. The Linen material will be implemented as an off shoulder bow, a digital printed cape, embroidery, and a digital printed train skirt, all to give an extra edge. All of this is done in only 10 days.

This collection is called `Monarchy`, a regal representation of strong and beautiful women. Women who are represented as walking pieces of art as a high hierarchy entity. Opinionated women who are divinely feminine yet powerful and in control of her own destiny. A fashionable take on a monarch, respected by many with a sense of honour. This collection definitely has a more artisanal approach, utilizing velvet and linen, materials that haven`t been explored in previous Diana Couture collections. The goal is to immerse DULUX`s artisanal qualities in it`s application into Diana Couture`s classic `Elegant & Powerful Portrayal of Women` philosophy, embodying a true Diana Couture woman. The goal is to immerse DULUX`s artisanal qualities in it’s application into Diana Couture`s classic `Elegant & Powerful Portrayal of Women` philosophy, embodying a true Diana Couture woman.

In total, 12 Diana Couture Looks are made for this collection, combining 10 runway looks, 1 installation look for the Pop Up Studio, and 1 look for special effects. The preparation might be very short, only taking a quick 10 days, however, with the freedom of exploration and artistic direction, this project has been very enjoyable and fun to Diana.

Diana M Putri

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