Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan

 Literalist (Fall 2018 Collection)

This collection is drawing inspiration from the minimalist art movement in the early 60s. Often times, the minimalist artists are being described as “literalist” due to the fact that they created works that avoided any meanings, illusion and even interpretation. Their works are often also called “geometric abstraction” because of the freedom of form but with the geometric sense of shape and the artwork’s relation to the space it’s placed in.

Inspired by the works of Donald Judd, I’ve decided to play on different shades of grey in different types of matte surface, but contrasting it with pops of colors with shiny texture. The fabrics included different variations of flannel, herringbone and twill.

The collection will toy with different forms and shapes as well. As with the nature of minimalist artwork, repetition is important in defining the construction of many of the garments in this collection. The use of repetitive cuts and paneling created a sense of volume with movement within the garments.

Minimalist artworks by Richard Serra also dwell about the sense of proportion and interaction with space, which I interpret by the use of volume and silhouette within the collection. In the collection you will see experimentation with rounded shoulder to give an illusion of shape, as well as a play on oversizing in certain looks which hopefully will trigger a conversation about proportion and interaction with the body. 

Designer Name: Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan
Brand Name / Establish: Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan est. 2011
Signature Style: Bold, architectural, sensual
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email: yosafat_collection@yahoo.com
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Participation in JFFF (Years): 2018